Chief coach looks back in excellent first year at Long Eaton SC

Spencer George
Spencer George
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LONG Eaton Swimming Club chief coach Spencer George has looked back on his first year in the role and paid tribute to his team of swimmers and coaches.

As the swimmers at the club enjoy a two week break, George, who took over the reins last September was full of praise.

He said: “It has been success upon success across all the squads.

“For the masters and senior swimmers it was a visit from Mark Foster that set the benchmark for a season that saw European and British records achieved.

“More swimmers are moving outside to swim in open water events and among the highlights was Neil Meadows winning the Arthur Ayres Trophy for endeavour, along with third place in his first 3,000 metre open water swim at Coniston Water.”

Triathletes, Greg Cherry and Sam Parker have had a busy year including joining squads travelling abroad to represent their country, while the number of swimmers now training with Derventio, the Derbyshire elite squad, has increased from four to seven.

George added: “There was an increase in numbers of swimmers achieving Midland age group and youth qualifying times, along with the number achieving the qualifying times to swim at level one open meets.

“An improved position in the Arena National League, along with reaching the final of the Leicester League and Derbyshire and Nottingham Junior League, shows that there is increase in depth and strength across the whole club.”

The season was brought to a close with the Club Championships that saw some exciting races and 43 new championship best times achieved,

This provided an opportunity for coaches, parents and swimmers to see the results of all the hard work that has gone on during the last year.

Spencer George will round off the season by to receiving an award from Derbyshire Sport in recognition of being one of the county’s most committed coaches.