Duffers’ Diaries: Goalscorer has to be top priority for Robins

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So it’s been another week at Ilkeston where you come out of it not quite sure whether to be optimistic or pessimistic about what lies ahead.

I didn’t go to Marine on Saturday but as I followed the game through Twitter it was quickly apparent the Robins were going to be made to pay for missing so many good chances.

The Darlington game then saw Ilkeston unlucky not to win after a much better all round performance.

It’s pretty obvious that the chances being missed are proving most costly, perhaps even more so than the goals being conceded. Teams miss chances in every game, of course, but usually if you can achieve a conversion rate of around 20-30 per cent you’ve got a good chance of winning.

That’s not been happening and a clinical finisher is perhaps required. Of all the chances created in the last two games, the goals scored came from the penalty spot.

So more quality in front of goal in open play will be key, it’s just a question of whether they’ve got the players to achieve it.

Lee Ndlovu was in good form for Grantham before coming to Ilkeston but has only scored once so far. He looks a good prospect and didn’t really get many chances on Monday but I fancy if he gets the openings the goals will come.

The jury is still out on Jonathan Edwards as he looks a good, powerful player but is often guilty of poor final decisions.

Whether Ilkeston play more narrow or with greater width, there are players there that can do damage but personally I think the likes of Marcus Harness and Joe Doyle need to be utilised better down the right as if they can get in behind more and get crosses in it could prove fruitful.

There doesn’t seem much threat down the left at the moment either. I’d be interested to see if Curtis Burrows could do a job as Olly Luto is currently the main outlet and his crossing has been hit and miss. That said, Mike Williams has been playing really well and I wouldn’t want it to be he who is sacrificed.

So there is lots to discuss but I think a win isn’t far away. A last minute winner off someone’s backside might be the order of the day1