Duffers’ Diaries: Robins crave consistency

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It’s another late night for me - currently 12.40am on Wednesday morning having not long got back from a pretty uninspiring night in King’s Lynn.

The worrying trend of good performances followed by bad ones was my main line of questioning to Kevin Wilson after the game in Norfolk and, as alluded to on the back page, it’s something that’s frustrating the Robins boss.

It’s baffling that this set of young players can’t get more consistency in their displays, especially when some of the wins have been really impressive and surely enough to have them bouncing into the next encounter with little to fear.

On this occasion, Saturday’s win over FC United - albeit one decided over an 11-minute period in the first-half - really should have generated some momentum but at King’s Lynn the Robins looked tired and uninspired, although the hosts helped themselves by producing an impressive first-half display.

As I’ve said before, we should be judging this young team based on the high standards they have set themselves, and the performances against King’s Lynn and also Halesowen last week were very disappointing when you consider how Ilkeston have dismantled some other sides.

The squad has ‘winning run’ written all over it, but the reality is that they’re just not able to generate any momentum at the moment.

That could change - the upcoming games at Ashton and then at home to Stamford should produce at least four points before a break for the FA Trophy - and although the play-offs were probably not expected to be a target at the start of campaign, they’re achievable and worth fighting for given the start Ilkeston have had.

Consistency could be a key weapon if it can be achieved.

A lot has been also been made by Kevin Wilson about the fanfare surrounding some of the young players and the interest being generated from big clubs. It may or may not be helping but it’s an inevitable by-product of the club’s ethos so won’t go away.

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