Duffers’ Diaries: Wheatley’s departure hopefully won’t be regretted by player or club

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The little run of form Ilkeston are putting together to see the season out has been very heartening and there are plenty of candidates in this young side who look good bets for first team slots next season.

I’ll risk a bit of ‘stuck record syndrome’ by reiterating that a bit of experience will be needed too but things look a lot brighter than they did a few weeks ago in that long run of defeats.

As you’ll no doubt have seen, Jordan Wheatley looks highly unlikely to be an Ilkeston player next season which is a huge blow, but if he doesn’t want to be at the club then perhaps he’s best off searching elsewhere.

I hope for his sake the decision (probably more influenced by his advisors than anyone else, I’m guessing) doesn’t come back to haunt him.

He’s looked an excellent prospect, no doubt about that, but more first team football at Ilkeston might have enhanced his chances of a good move. Now he’ll have little idea where he might be next year and be relying on trial spells and whatever recommendations he can get from his Ilkeston days when it comes to getting a good contract.

If it’s a case of him turning down a new deal then I doubt Ilkeston could have done a lot more. I’m hoping to find more out about what’s happened over the course of the week but the indications so far are that the Robins will have had little say. I’m also left wondering what say young Jordan himself had.

Anyway, I’d imagine compensation will still come Ilkeston’s way due to his age and the fact that he had been offered terms but time will tell quite what the tune of that will be.

Meanwhile, the season will be rounded off at relegated Ramsbottom on Saturday and there’s a good chance a fourth win in five could be on the cards.

As you can see from the pic on the right, the Ilkeston Advertiser Player of the Year award went to Mike Williams and well deserved it was too, as was Matt Baker’s IFCSG award. Two bright lights in a tough season.

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