Derby County fan Andy Buckley-Taylor believes home run is crucial

Last weekend's match at Aston Villa was a massive disappointment to all Rams fans and not just because they lost.

Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 9:57 am
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 10:12 am
Much improvement is needed on the performances of the last few games, according to Andy Buckley-Taylor.

The manner in how our players appeared to surrender was an embarrassment and our fans do deserve to see much better. I watched a clip of the players coming out on to the pitch and is it me or did they look like beaten men before the game even kicked off?We now have a run of home games and we need to start winning again. The displays against Ipswich, Millwall, Forest and Aston Villa simply weren’t good enough and the fans are being short changed. Win, lose or draw, it’s not acceptable to see such low par performances. We have seen some very good wins this season. You don’t get much better than winning at places like West Bromwich Albion and Norwich so it’s time for all of our first team players to put a bit of swagger into their shifts.The national papers have now picked up on an off field story or speculation regarding the future of the club's ownership. We are currently running up debts at an unsustainable level. One national paper put it at £3m though I’m not sure if this includes the holding company Sevco 5112. The actual accounts for 2017/18 are due out any time. I await with interest to digest what they reveal.Mel Morris has backed managers in the past with plenty of cash to spend, but we remain in the Championship and our failure has cost us big time. A promotion would have seen us enjoy the millions clubs coin in from Premier League football. Inflated transfer fees and wages have cost us very dear and there’s a pool of players that we will not see a return on too.Manager Frank Lampard has his hands tied to a certain extent because of the failings and poor business conducted in the past. If the club's financial status is as poor as is being reported, one will have to ask, will he stay? It could very well be that next season we will start with a squad full of youngsters and very few, if any, new faces.It’s at times like these though that we need all of our loyal supporters to get behind the team and stay loyal to the club. I remember back to our centenary season when we came very close to going out of business. Derby County is a great football club and perhaps we can attract new owners or investors. If we don’t there will certainly be tough times ahead.