DUFFERS’ DIARIES: Floodlight drama will beg many a question

The NMG wasn't lit up for quite long enough on Tuesday night.
The NMG wasn't lit up for quite long enough on Tuesday night.

I’ve just got home from the Hednesford game on Tuesday night, and what an illuminating evening it wasn’t.

The Robins’ performance was pretty poor and the visitors were unlucky not to have been out of sight before the last ten minutes.

Ben Morris’s goal suddenly made things interesting and the force was with Ilkeston as they came to life once again, but then the floodlights went out and it all came to an end.

The ins and outs as to what went on and why tonight are yet to be fully understood, namely why a generator was being used to power the floodlights in the first place and then why it failed.

Lots of fans are questioning whether the ‘bills had been paid’ but I’m not sure it’s as simple as that - there was plenty of power at other parts of the ground such as in the Clocktower Stand.

But it was clearly a frustrating situation and, as I write, we now await the NPL’s decision as to what happens next, although I can’t see any other outcome than Hednesford being awarded the match 2-1, which they probably deserved despite Ilkeston’s potential late rally.

On the football front, it wasn’t a great night and the need for some attacking flair and creativity was evident, and it is something that Paul Holland is desperate to rectify.

It’s not easy, I’m sure, but even a loan move might be a reasonable option if the right player is available, particularly from a higher level club.

As a team, and despite what by all accounts was a good display at Barwell on Saturday, Ilkeston are far from a finished product and a long season lies ahead if they can’t get the pieces to fit soon.

Off the pitch, I’ve been delving a bit deeper into what is happening with Sheffield United at the moment because it’s become apparent to me that they may still owe Ilkeston some considerable money from the Che Adams transfer.

The reasons for them seemingly dragging their heels are unclear and I’m in the process of trying to get some answers from them, or at least some information as to when payments will materialise.

It is doing Ilkeston few favours, although as I’ve said before the club should still be able to run perfectly well without the bonus of the Adams money.

It needs sorting though so the whole episode, which has seen several direct and indirect consequences of the transfer cause all sorts of problems for Ilkeston, can be put to bed once and for all and Ilkeston can move forward.

By the way, as you can see to the right of this piece (if you’re reading the print version) we’ve put the results/fixtures column back in the paper after a few people asked for it.

Apparently it’s often the most reliable and ‘all-in-one-place’ resource for Ilkeston’s schedule so happy to oblige.

We ditched the full Evo-Stik League stats/fixtures panel used for the last few years as it was time consuming and all that info can be readily found elsewhere, but the Robins info is useful to many so it’ll be a regular thing once again.