Duffers’ Diaries: Wait goes on for takeover news

Ilkeston's players are facing a tough end to the campaign.
Ilkeston's players are facing a tough end to the campaign.

I’m writing this just after Ilkeston have lost 3-1 at Hednesford Town on Tuesday night.

Once again they took the lead only to lose the game, similar to the match at Stourbridge last week, and relegation looms that bit larger now.

They won’t get safe; we can say that with a large degree of certainty. They can get 50 points but if they manage that then I’ll run naked around the New Manor Ground at half-time of the first home game of next season.

Of the eight games left, I can only identify a couple where wins might be possible - those against Halesowen and Mickleover, for the record - but whilst they may pick up a few more points here and there it seems to me that relegation will be confirmed in the next week to ten days depending on other results and given Ilkeston have four matches to play in the space of seven days.

The talk of the NMG continues to be on the subject of the supposed takeover of Ilkeston FC and whether it may or may happen, and if it will, when.

There are obvious concerns amongst fans that whoever is in line to buy the club will need to be fully aware of any outstanding debts, and presumably will want to be exempt from liability for any other debts that might come out of the woodwork once the takeover is complete.

It would be madness for anyone to take over without those kinds of assurances legally in place.

Given what I’ve been told in the past, it would seem that kind of issue has been one of the key problems in the Nigel Harrop era in that unexpected creditors have appeared throughout his tenure and those debts haven’t helped the club move forward at all.

So it’s vital that a clean slate is there for any new owners to start with otherwise we could simply see a continuation of the chaos that has ensued off the field at Ilkeston over the last year or two.

As I’ve said before, all fans want now is a proper non-league football club run in a proper way and which as a result starts producing results on the field again, with progress back up the divisions a massive priority. The future of the club depends on it, in my opinion, and relying too much on money which may or may not be tied up in the boots of potential academy stars is a risk that simply can’t be relied on as a sole way of making money.

What will follow in the coming weeks will be so important. If the club isn’t sold for whatever reason, one has to fear for its future given the number of fans currently staying away and the continuation of that trend into next season, let alone the effect dropping down a division will have.

If it is sold, then we can only hope it’s to the right person with the right ideas and someone who can attract supporters, sponsors and indeed quality players back to the NMG.

The wait goes on...