Duffers’ Diaries: Winning mentality is spreading around Ilkeston FC


It says quite a lot about Ilkeston FC’s form at the moment that I really had to think quite hard the other day when it was they actually last lost a game.

St Neots Town in the FA Trophy on November 1 is the answer to that query, their last league defeat against Stamford having come just five days earlier.

But it emphasises that the winning mentality is even spreading to the members of the press given I turn up at games expecting Ilkeston to get something from every one of them at the moment.

Match report: Ilkeston FC 8 Holbrook Sports 1

That will continue until they lose, which is bound to happen at some point and the reaction to which could be key to any hopes of the title Ilkeston have.

Saturday’s visitors Whitby were the side defeated in game one of this current run which, incidentally, was also the first game after Che Adams left for Sheffield United. Perhaps the boy was a bit overrated after all...?!

One would hope the circle isn’t completed by the Seasiders and that they then inflict the first defeat since just before the sides’ last meeting. I think the Robins’ momentum will carry them through this game too although Whitby are never easy opponents.

The same can’t be said for Holbrook Sports whose players, as I write this, will be arriving home on Tuesday night feeling a little disorientated having been given the runaround in the Derbyshire Senior Cup.

When I was discussing the game in the Ilkeston FC office with some of the club’s staff beforehand we predicted pretty much exactly what ended up happening, namely that it might take a while to break Sports down and that once they did the goals would flow, especially as Holbrook tired late on.

It’s not rocket science, granted, but it was good to see that prediction come true rather than be left frustrated and perplexed by a Robins display as might have been the case in the past!

Anyway, the league table remains a fascinating thing to pore over at the moment given the various permutations and games in hand to bear in mind.

The fact is that Ilkeston are currently favourites to win it, and the way things are going at the moment, who would back against them?