Lampard: My playing achievements count for nothing now

Frank Lampard will take his Derby side to Reading on Friday.
Frank Lampard will take his Derby side to Reading on Friday.

Frank Lampard has acknowledged that his high profile career helped him get the manager's job at Derby County, but that it will have little meaning once the season gets underway.

Lampard won multiple honours including the English Premier League, the Champions League, the FA Cup and the League Cup, as well as representing England at several tournaments.

But he knows that can only mean so much when you become a manager.

He told RamsTV: "I know that what I did as a player counts for nothing at this point. Of course it’s a factor in me being here and getting this job, but now I’m here I’ll be solely judged on what we do in terms of results and performances and what we do to this club as a whole.

“I have some nice memories of playing and hopefully some knowledge I’ve gained over the years from some good managers, but all I can gain here is results and hopefully getting us where we want to be.

"I hope the staff and I have been able to impart that wisdom on the players already. I have an idea of how I want us to play and behave. The basics on and off the pitch are driven by the manager and hopefully that will be reflected in the way the team will play and how we handle ourselves through the season."

There has been considerable interest in Lampard's appointment both in this country and internationally, such is his profile in the game both as player and pundit.

But Lampard is hoping the focus will soon shift to the team rather than to who is in charge of it.

He said: "There’s a bit of a honeymoon period where people are attaching my name to it and of course it’s a story that my first managerial role is with a club of this size.

“I get that and I like the pressure of these situations. It’s something I think I’m used to from my footballing career, but this club’s bigger than all of us – it was Derby County long before us and will be long after us and what we do when we are here is we love the club and give everything we can for it and we try and produce success."

Lampard added that along with his coaching staff, he has tried to put his own stamp on everything from training to off-field activities in order to create a winning environment.

He said: "It’s not so much a playing style we’ve developed, more a culture that we have. We take tactics out of it and talk about hard work and an aggressive style and energy in the team. We’ll work on the technical and tactical side of it on the pitch and hopefully that all comes together to bring exciting football."