Leeds United: Mac’s new system gave us luxury of enjoying cruise control - Gray

Brian McDermott on the touchline against Birmingham City. PIC: Mark Bickerdike
Brian McDermott on the touchline against Birmingham City. PIC: Mark Bickerdike
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It was a good performance by Leeds against Birmingham City. We played a different system and it seemed to suit the players.

It worked – putting Ross McCormack up front with Matt Smith and then having two wing backs with Sam Byram and Stephen Warnock.

And then through the middle you had Rodolph Austin in more or less a free role in the midfield area to get forward.

It just suited the team and we won the game very comfortably. It was nice to see!

It’s great to win a game at home comfortably and it’s good for the fans.

They got to see a few goals and I don’t think we’ve won a game like that for a long, long time. The game was all over by half-time and that’s just terrific.

It makes it more comfortable for everybody. It means the fans are happy and the players are obviously playing with a little bit more confidence. And it will just be interesting to see how far and how long the system lasts – playing with three at the back and then two midfield players with Austin getting forward in front of them.

All you can say is that it was certainly a good performance against Birmingham.

The players worked hard – even though you pay footballers to work hard – but they all really did their jobs.

And that was important.

You can ask the question why was there such a transformation in the team’s performance and I don’t think it was just down to the system.

Sometimes players just play better than at other times though the system definitely did seem to suit us against their side.

But I’ve got to say that we will play against better teams than Birmingham though you have still got to give the players credit for what they did.

The players all had a good attitude and they seemed confident in what they were trying to achieve. So all in all you had to be delighted.

People are now speculating about Lee Clark’s future at Birmingham and any manager who is not getting results is going to be under pressure. But what happens with Lee Clark is not for me to say. All I know is that we won the game comfortably and Birmingham looked a very, very average side. That win has put us five points off the play-offs but you don’t get carried away.

If they hadn’t have won the game they could have been five points off the Championship’s bottom three.

That’s the way you have to look at football.

You just take each game as it comes but the players will be really up for the game against Huddersfield next Saturday which is a local derby.

They can go into that with a lot of confidence.

But I’m sure Brian McDermott will still be looking at bringing in other players.

He’ll not get carried away by one result.

You’ve got to remember it’s only one result over the last few weeks.

There’s still a long way to go.

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