OPINION: Nottingham Forest history shows we are a bigger club than Derby County


After reading the write up on ticket allocations, all I can do is laugh hysterically at Derby County fan Dave Brown.

All we have to do at Nottingham Forest is look in our trophy cabinet and our history then we know we have the bragging rights to the biggest club in the East Midlands.

One thing I do agree on is that away fans should be given more tickets at both grounds.

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OPINION: Nottingham Forest should give Derby County bigger ticket allocations

As for gates, don’t get me started. The amount of free tickets floating around for every Derby game is unbelievable, they are begging fans to go every week. If you join the gym you can go to Derby for free, if you work for RR you can go for free, your poor children are not even safe in Derbyshire schools - they get begged to come along for free too.

We may not have gates of 30,000 every week, but at least every one of ours is paid for because they want to go not because it was FREE.

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