Robins look to set trend

MONDAY evening football could well become a regular feature at the New Manor Ground next season as Ilkeston FC look to set a new trend.

Manager Kevin Wilson confirmed this week that the Robins are seriously considering adopting Monday as the day when the newly-formed first-team will stage their home ‘midweek’ matches.

He explained; “We have thought it through and although there are a few issues that have to be taken into consideration, overall we believe that it is the best way forward for this club.

“If we play on a Tuesday then most of the time it will rule out the chances of Derby, Forest or Notts County fans from swelling our gate and if we go for Wednesday, that’s the main night for European or Premier League games on television.

“At the end of the day, what we want to do is give the people of Ilkeston the best possible chance to become a part of what we are looking to achieve at the New Manor Ground.

“If we can take away the distractions, that will have to enhance our chances of achieving that.”

The manager accepts that there could be some problems attached to playing on Monday evenings – like restoring the pitch if Ilkeston FC have played at home on the Saturday, and the short recovery period for players.

But he added: “We now have good people in the background who we know we can rely upon if necessary to put on two games in the space of three days, and that gives us the confidence to make such a decision.

“I know it’s a bit trailblazing but that’s what you have to be if you want to get one step ahead in our game.

“We have sounded out a number of people to see what they think and the response has been very positive.”

Ironically, this Monday (April 18) is going to be very special at the New Manor Ground because Wilson’s undefeated Academy team will be presented with the Central Conference trophy straight after their game against Halesowen.

Admission will be free on the night in the hope that it will encourage the people of Ilkeston to turn up in huge numbers and see history being made.

Wilson added: “Hopefully it will be the first of many trophies we will win.

“It’s a really exciting time for the club and the town.

“The building blocks are settling in nicely and if people want it badly enough, I genuinely believe that we can achieve great things in the next few years.”