Tom Lawrence, Mason Bennett and Richard Keogh are an embarrassment and Derby County need to take strong action - our fans' writer Andy Buckley-Taylor delivers his verdict on a shameful week

Tom Lawrence has been charged with drink driving along with team-mate Mason Bennett.
Tom Lawrence has been charged with drink driving along with team-mate Mason Bennett.

Drinking and driving is one of the dumbest things a motorist can do. We are constantly reminded of the dangers and every week we read of deaths that occur as a result of drink driving.

A few weeks ago we saw the sight of former Rams striker Dean Saunders being arrested by police in a state that suggests he’d had quite a few alcoholic beverages that evening.

We won’t know exactly how many as he refused to take a breath test and received a prison sentence as a result.

This week we hear of two current Derby players, Tom Lawrence and Mason Bennett, both being arrested due to consuming an excess amount of alcohol and driving home. Current club captain Richard Keogh was also stupid enough to ride as a passenger in one of the cars before they were both involved in a road traffic collision.

Derby County condemn behaviour of players involved in crash as skipper Richard Keogh is ruled out for the season
Two Derby County footballers charged with drink-driving after crash on A6 in Derbyshire

Afterwards we see a video that has been circulating on social media of Mason Bennett vomitting. Whoever filmed this must be questioned as to why??

What an absolute embarrassment these players are, They are in a privileged position to be playing a sport they love for big rewards and then act so irresponsibly.

Now had I done similar I would have lost my job. Driving with excess alcohol in your bloodstream is a criminal offence and bars you from many professions.

I’ve no doubt that they will all appear in the days to come saying how sorry they are, but the fact of the matter is that if you drink drive you are putting lives at risk. Words are very cheap!

Richard Keogh will now miss the rest of the season due to his stupidity of getting in the car! He is the one paying the bigger price!

Time and time again we see high profile celebrities and sports stars getting into trouble with the law.

I think Mel Morris, as owner of Derby County Football club, needs to take strong action against those who bring such negative news to the club. These players could have all had alternative transport to get themselves home and their actions bring about many questions of their own judgements.

We, as a club, need to send out a strong message to anyone employed by the club and that is such irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated. It’ll be interesting to see what our club does next.