Unlikely Paris reunion for ex-Forest youngster

Steve Corry with the PSG shirt from 1991.
Steve Corry with the PSG shirt from 1991.

A former Forest youth team player is looking forward to an emotional and unlikely reunion in the French capital with a Paris St German opponent he played against 25 years ago.

Steve Corry swapped shirts with PSG’s Pierre Yves Bodineau and thought nothing more of it until a recent tidy-up. Now, thanks to social media, they will meet up once more.

Forest juniors 1991, Steve Corry is second from the right on  the front row.

Forest juniors 1991, Steve Corry is second from the right on the front row.

“Back in 1991 I played In the youth ranks for Forest against PSG, at a tournament in Amsterdam,” recalled Steve, now 40.

“I swapped shirts with a Paris player called Pierre Yves Bodineau after the game, and that was that.

“Following a loft clearance this year, I rediscovered Pierre’s shirt and amazingly tracked him down via Facebook.

“Things spiralled from there and I’m now travelling to Paris to reunite with him next month, taking in PSG v Marseille whilst we’re there.

“We travel to Paris on October 22nd and it will be emotional for sure. I’m a bit of a closet Marseille fan, having idolised Chris Waddle in my youth. Unfortunately for myself and Pierre, PSG hate OM!”

He added: “Gregory Paisley and Pierre Ducrocq were also playing for PSG. They went on to play in the first team for the club.

“I remember the game being a light hearted affair, because both teams had been technically knocked out of the tournament by the time we met.

I played in the middle and Pierre played as a striker for them. PSG won the game 2-1.”

After being released by Forest Steve spent a year at Peterborough United before meeting the same fate there.

Pierre, now 39, suffered a bad injury while still at PSG and was forced to quit playing, but still lives in Paris and runs the PSG U19 ladies team

“He was very surprised and also pleased to hear from me after all this time,” added Steve, who still lives in Nottingham.

“I will definitely be taking his shirt with me and I’ll get him to sign it.

“As for Olympique Marseille; I’ve been to watch them in a couple of Champions League ties against Arsenal and Chelsea.

“PSG v OM is on Sunday 23rd of October and there are six friends going over.

“We are in Paris for two nights and hopefully we’ll get to spend some time with Pierre. Apart from the game, we are yet to plan anything else with my old opponent.

“I can’t wait to be honest, I made the decision as part of my 40th birthday celebration.

“Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and follow your ideas through. Who knows when we will ever meet again?”