Young Ilkeston Town striker ‘racially abused’ by Robins supporter

Montel Gibson
Montel Gibson

Ilkeston Town striker Montel Gibson has allegedly been the victim of racial abuse by one of his club’s own supporters.

Team-mate Lavell White tweeted after the 3-0 away win over Bolehall Swifts on Tuesday night that he had heard a fan use a highly abusive and racist term towards the 19-year-old during the game.

In initially thanking fans for their overall support, White then referred to the incident.

He added: “Unfortunately for (the fan involved), they will have to see a lot more of (Montel) as he and others like him are the future of this growing club.

“If that’s how you feel then maybe you should be asking yourself why you would want to waste your money and time ‘supporting’ the club.”

Gibson himself responded on Twitter by saying: “It’s not nice to be called that and I’d love to do something about it but football is my career and this won’t stop me from being successful.

“But I hope the fan that called me it regrets it.”

In response to Gibson’s tweet, Ilkeston Town chairman Alan Hardy said: “We will not tolerate any form of racial abuse.

“The perpetrator will be found, banned and reported to the police for prosecution.

“Montel, you have the full support of the club and 99.99 per cent of Ilkeston Town fans behind you.”

An official club statement was released on Wednesday afternoon.

It read: “The club takes these allegations extremely seriously and will be conducting a full investigation at the earliest opportunity.

“We do not tolerate racial abuse, nor any type of discrimination. Should we find any evidence to support these allegations we will take immediate action.

“We will be making no further comment on this matter until our investigation is concluded.”