Henshaw becomes national champion

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Trinity ABC heavyweight star Russ Henshaw delivered the club its first ever novice title by winning convincingly in London last weekend.

Henshaw, 26, won the National Novice Championships in style by dominating his fight with Peterborough’s Adam Thompson to take a wide points decision of 35-16.

The taller Eastern Counties boxer used his greater experience to keep out of trouble in the early stages, using a long left jab to score as the eager Trinity man advanced.

But Henshaw would not be denied and set a rapid pace to take Thompson out of his comfort zone.

Before the first round ended Henshaw had made his mark, getting through with big right hands and left hooks.

As the bell sounded for the second round, the Trinity star was straight into action, closing the distance down and ripping in solid body shots to delight the good following from Ilkeston in the tightly packed crowd.

Solid punches caused the referee to step in and issue a standing eight count over Thompson and give him respite from the powerful onslaught.

But as action resumed Henshaw kept his opponent under severe pressure and only had to keep up the momentum to take the title and preserve his unbeaten record.

In the final round Henshaw grew in confidence and started to display some of the skills this run in the championship had developed.

He moved in and out of range bringing Thompson onto heavy punches, rocking his head back as he made a final effort to stay in the fight.

Although the man from the Arena Club in Peterborough had been well beaten, he had displayed tremendous courage and desire and played his part in a rousing final that had the crowd on their feet at the final bell and even brought applause from the referee as he prepared to hold up the winner’s hand.

Trinity coach Scott Rafferty said: “This championship started back in October with the Derbyshire finals and Russ not only had to keep his weight in check over a long period but also had to show great discipline and commitment as the severe winter weather prolonged the run to the finals.

“It’s been a great education for Russ, not only as a boxer but as a man.

“We have seen him develop and with his desire and enthusiasm it has been a pleasure to work with him.

“He has acheived what he deserves from the effort he has put in and we are all so proud of him. He is rightly pleased with a magnificent achievement.”