Lads book a final spot with victory over local rivals Derby

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Ilkeston Outlaws U16 66

Outlaws’ pace and strength showed from the tip-off, despite Derby taking an early lead.

But Ilkeston never looked back after Dominic Holmes put them back in the game with two well-taken free throws before Outlaws piled on the pressure with full court press. First period score 22 -8.

Rory Beresford scored in the first ten seconds of the second period, as Outlaws controlled the boards with rebounding from Sam Turner, Holmes and Beresford which started the fast break from Anson Baker, Danny Walters and Matt Watts.

Other scorers in the second were James Gothridge (4), James Wood (2) and Chip Humphreys (4) as Ilkeston led 44-20 at half-time.

Baker started the scoring in the third followed by a fine three point shot from Humphreys, as Outlaws, now playing zone defence, put their stamp of authority on the game.

Other scorers were Jordon Briggs (2), Gotheridge (3) and Holmes (2)

The win was sealed in the final period as Beresford (2) and Turner (4) completed the scoring.

Anson Baker was voted man on the match.