GOLF COLUMN: Tips from PGA Pro Sam Shaw

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In a normal lesson everyone tends to focus on the physical swing and technique.

However, as a pro it is my job to also improve you mental ability to get you around the course.

In this tip I shall give you a simple thought you could put to practice when you next play.

“Putt when you can, chip when you can’t putt, pitch ONLY when you have to.”

For most, hitting an “average” putt from off the green will go closer than a good or average chip.

And an “average” chip will go closer than a good pitch.

Always look to putt first – even in situations when you might not think about it.

There is MUCH less room for error in a putt than a chip and much less room for error in a chip than a pitch.

Add nerves (tournament or an important round) and you would much rather hit a putt a little hard or soft than “fat” a chip or “blade” a pitch.

Give this simple thought process ago next time you play and you’ll be amazed.