‘Superfoot’ Wallace wows fighters

Midlands PKA Kickboxing have co-hosted a seminar featuring the lengendary Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.

The club, which has many members from the Ilkeston area, welcomed Wallace who is a legend in martial arts, best known for his kicks which have clocked in at excess of 60mph, hence how he became known as ‘Superfoot’.

He retired from competition after his 23rd straight victory as the undefeated Professional Karate Association (PKA) Middleweight Champion in 1980, and currently resides in Florida.

Jo and Lee Jones – principle instructors at Midlands PKA Kickboxing, commented: “We were highly honoured to have Bill visit our clubs for over two-and-a-half hours and share his vast kickboxing experience with us.

“For a man who’s nearly 70 he is an inspiration to young and old students.

“Not only are his skills still exceptional but his teaching and stories of his film career with the likes of Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris and Benny Urquidez left us all in awe.”