Paragon duo take titles at Midlands Championships

Jason Dorn (left) and Mark Price.
Jason Dorn (left) and Mark Price.

Two powerlifting and weightlifting coaches from Ilkeston have returned with trophies from the Midlands Drug Free Powerlifting Championships.

Jason Dorn and Mark Price represented Paragon Barbell Club, which is part of Paragon Black Belt Academy based at Bath Street in Ilkeston.

The duo are no strangers to competing in powerlifting and weightlifting as both have won numerous Midland and British titles, as well as a World League already this year in drug free events.

Both won their respective categories at this event to end the year with another Midlands title each, Dorn in the Masters 1, 100k weight class, and Price the Masters 2, 100k weight class.

Their real aim at the event was to qualify for the British single lifts championships; Dorn wanted the deadlift qualifier and Price the bench press. Both where successful with this and now have the option to lift in this event.

Jason said: “Prior to Paragon Barbell Club both Mark and I lifted in an out of town team.

“Paragon Barbell was born from the long time fitness, strength and conditioning program at Paragon, which runs alongside the award-winning martial arts programs.

“The strength and conditioning sessions are proving very popular with men and women. Most train for health and fitness, but there is also a growing interest in competing in strength athletics events.

“The training includes Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman and lots of good fitness and conditioning work.”