Paragon fighters set for title clashes

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Two fighters from Ilkeston’s Paragon Black Belt Academy are preparing for national title fights at the locally-promoted Sedition Fight League on February 20.

The SFL matches sport kickboxing competitors who are more familiar with the tournament format, over three rounds in match fights.

The fights are matched to either one of the two exciting sport kickboxing rules of points or continuous.

This first Sedition event includes two title matches where the 2010 tournament champions clash for the right to be the SFL National Champion, the winner walking away with a magnificent 24 inch silver cup provided by Ilkeston-based

The Paragon fighters earned their title shots with fantastic performances in the International Amateur Kickboxing Sport Association tournaments in 2010.

John Parry won the -85k English Open tournament and the Summer Open, though was beaten into second place by a strong Leicester based opponent in the British Open.

That means Parry will face his Leicester opponent again over three rounds for the SFL title and cup.

Paragon instructor Jason Dorn said: “As champions both these guys have wins over each other, and it is a match many are excited to see over three rounds.”

Meanshile, Mark Waterhouse is in a four-man prize fight at the event.

The prize is the heavyweight SFL points fighting title for which the winner will receive a similar trophy and £100 which has been sponsored by Ilkeston business Double Four Taxis.

Waterhouse earned his place by winning both the IAKSA English and British Open Championships in 2010.

He also won the open weight prize fight last year, and faces off against three other champions.

One is Midlands based, the other two from the North of England, with Waterhouse facing the local man before fighting the winner of the clash between the other two fighters.

Four other fighters from Paragon are also matched, all over three rounds.

Curtis Gillott has a prestige points bout, Dave Dawson has a veterans points match, Russ Bramley a novice continuous match and Daniel Wray a novice/intermediate continuous match.

Mr Dorn added: “The sold out event has fighters competing from across England and Wales and plenty of Paragon members are coming along to support their Academy fighters.”