Sandiacre rider Laura wins prestigious award

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A DRESSAGE rider from Sandiacre has been handed the prestigious 2011 British Dressage Young Professionals Award and a generous training grant of £4,000.

Laura Jarvis, 21, was one of six of the UK’s most determined young dressage professionals that went head to head in the final at the Talland School of Equitation in Gloucestershire.

Judged by international riders Carl Hester and Nicola Buchanan, the competition identified the young professional with the most talent and commitment to a career in the sport.

Each candidate was required to discuss a business plan, encouraging them to think practically about their career path in the dressage industry as well as riding and teaching a variety of horses.

Laura said: “Winning the YPA has given me a great confidence boost. It has encouraged me to sit down and develop a real plan for a career in dressage and has been a massive learning curve.”

The young rider has built up a client base spanning from her home in Sandiacre to North East Lincolnshire, holds a UKCC level two coaching certificate and is now working towards level three.

She added: “At the minute I’m really pushing my teaching. I love the variety of my clients - they range from six-years-old to their mid 50s. I teach all types of horses and ambitions, some want to make it to the nationals and others just to ride a good circle!”

Judge Nicola Buchanan commented: “Laura won as an overall picture. She rode well and was very confident and eloquent when assessing the horses and in the way she rode.”

Laura must now have her business plan approved by the BYRDS committee to secure her £4000 grant.