Trinity welcome new set of potential stars

TRINITY ABC was packed with new local talent as the club opened its doors to new members with the active boxing season taking a summer break.

Over 30 young hopefuls entered the gym dreaming of becoming the next David Haye or Amir Khan, with the twice-weekly, six week course designed to give prospective young candidates an introduction to the sport.

The club has been successfully running the summer courses for over 15 years and have seen a remarkable number of quality boxers emerge from the non-contact introduction, overseen bot only by five ABA qualified coaches, but also aided by over 20 of the 40-strong current membership who are also spending their close season in the gym.

At the end of the six weeks Trinity are hoping to introduce the successful candidates into the club’s pre-season training programme that starts next month.

Opportunities in the season 2011/12 will be very exciting for the Trinity squad with several representative matches for Derbyshire already on the calendar and a home club tournament at the Festival Inn, Trowell, on October 21.