Russell’s skills prove a hit with cinema fans

Russell Cherrington and Doug Bradley
Russell Cherrington and Doug Bradley

A critically acclaimed re-edit of horror director Clive Barker’s cult film Nightbreed – revised by a University of Derby film lecturer – is building fans around the world.

The 1990 film by the British author and director Barker - who also created the Hellraiser film series - is about a mysterious mutant tribe with strange powers, and their conflict with human authorities.

After the movie’s release by 20th Century Fox, Barker and his fans said many of the best parts had been edited out.

Russell Cherrington, University of Derby senior lecturer in Film and Video Production, and co-editor Jimmi Johnson, re-edited footage found by Barker’s production company, Seraphim Films, to produce a new and extended version entitled Clive Barker’s Nightbreed:The Cabal Cut.

The revised film has won critical and horror fans’ acclaim since TV presenter Jonathan Ross introduced its UK premiere, at London’s Leicester Square and it is now being screened at festivals internationally.

Russell said: “The School of Art and Design, and the Film and Video production team, support both myself and the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed. Our students get so much back from having a Senior Lecturer with experience of film festivals around the world.”

Author Clive Barker has been quoted as saying that he’d “given up hope that this movie would ever find its true form” until Russell’s edit came along.