See Ewan’s images of Scottish island life

Derby Cathedral’s February photography exhibition has opened and will run until February 28 (Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm) in the Sir Richard Morris Lounge.

Entitled Sea Lines - Images from Iona, the photographs are by Ewan Mathers, who graduated in 2008 as a mature student at the University of Derby’s department of Commercial Photography.

He now works from a studio at the Banks Mill site in Derby.

His detailed black and white photographs of each of the carved capitals in the cloisters at Iona Abbey were the subject of an exhibition in the Cathedral Centre in September 2008, making a visit to the Sir Richard Morris Lounge a virtual pilgrimage to Iona.

Ewan lived and worked in Iona for 15 years.

He said: “Having spent many years living within feet of the sea, I only recently became aware of the many (nearly) straight lines that the sea creates within its surroundings.”

He added: “These are in rock, sand, water, flora and fauna. Once I spotted the first one, I saw them everywhere.

“Approaching each one as if it were a grand landscape, I set about photographing them as vast panoramas.”