Wildlife snapper shows off shots

Paul Shaw deer
Paul Shaw deer

AN AMATEUR wildlife photographer has captured these stunning images of the flora and fauna right here on our doorstep.

Paul Shaw, 46, of Kirk Hallam, has been taking pictures like this for just seven years but has made a name for himself as one of the top snappers in the area.

Paul Shaw little owl

Paul Shaw little owl

The BBC used his picture of a little owl, taken when he worked as a ranger in the Peak District, on their Discover Wildlfie photography website after it won a competition.

“That was where my passion for nature photography began,” explained Paul, who now works at Custom Group architects in Ilkeston.

But he said he now takes more than 90 per cent of his pictures in the Erewash area.

“I don’t think people realise how much wildlife there is around Ilkeston,” he explained.

“There are is a lot of rural land around us and a lot of different land types which supports lots of key species.”

He said this includes otters and water voles.

One of his pictures can be seen on the information boards along the Erewash Valley Trail.

He now holds photographic workshops for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and gives talks on photography.

His next talk is on March 9 at West Hallam Methodist Church on behalf of West Hallam Animal Charities.

He will also be at Straw’s Bridge, Kirk Hallam, on Sunday February 5 to teach people how to identify birds with telescopes and binoculars.

Paul, who lives with partner Allison in Bunting Close, does all his talks for free, donating any fees to wildlife and animal charities.