Canadian exports The Bros Landreth make Derby Flowerpot debut

The Bros Landreth. Photo by Josh Dookhie Photography.
The Bros Landreth. Photo by Josh Dookhie Photography.

Canadian band The Bros Landreth are touring to Derbyshire in support of their latest album.

They will be playing tracks from their release, entitled 87, during their first gig at The Flowerpot, Derby, on Wednesday, November 13.

Their setlist will include the latest single, Good Love, the second plucked from this year’s album.

Before they were The Bros Landreth, Joey and Dave released an album entitled Let It Lie which won multiple awards including a JUNO.
Then the band went on hiatus during which time Joey brought out and toured his solo album Whiskey.

Joey’s booming solo career might have delayed the timeline for the brothers, yet they never stopped writing songs that would eventually be recorded for their long awaited, follow-up release. “The time off that we took between touring Let It Lie and coming back together to make this next album was really difficult.” Dave says. “It was tough, but we needed to do it. Being away from each other gave us some really valuable perspective. It let us realise just how important and deeply satisfying it is for us to make music together and that’s something that we won’t soon forget.”

Teaming up in the studio with drummer Ryan Voth, guitarist Ariel Posen and longtime producer Murray Pulver, the album 87 is an exciting evolution of the band’s sound, honed by thousands of hours on stage and filtered through the lens of the last many years on the road.

Tickets to see The Bros Landreth in Derby cost £16, available from the venue or go to