Ilkeston couple enjoy Halloween wedding full of witchcraft

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An West Hallam couple celebrated their big day by getting married in spooktacular Halloween style last weekend.

Nikki and Mick Nelson of Newdigate Street tied the knot at Ilkeston Registry Office on Saturday, October 29, after a decade together as a couple.

Nikki, née Williams, is a hairdresser at Visage on South Street and a practicing ‘eclectic witch’—but the theme was primarily about fun. She is far from being a corpse bride.

Mum-of two Nikki, 44, said: “We all really love Halloween, and we wanted something a bit magical—this is the closest we could get.”

“We’re really easy going, and just wanted the children to be able to dress up and have a good time. We didn’t want everyone stuffed up in suits.”

The couple walked down the aisle to Peggy Lee’s Let’s Jump the Broomstick, and finished the ceremony with Jay Hawkins’ I Put A Spell On You.

Nikki added: “The registrar said it was the happiest she’d ever seen anyone coming into their wedding.”

Central to the ceremony was Nikki’s broomstick, decorated by A Kind of Magick on Bath Street, and blessed beneath a so-called supermoon.

Nikki said: “According to pagan traditions, the broom handle represents the man, and the brush is the woman.

“The couple are supposed to jump over it, and then go into the woods to consummate the wedding—but we didn’t follow that one through!”

An eclectic witch does not strictly adhere to pagan or wiccan practices, instead piecing together different traditions to make their own belief system.

Warehouse operative Mick, 55, is not a believer, but got into the spirit of things by buying Nikki a rainbow moonstone ring.

Guests dressed to kill, with zombies, a skeleton nun, a giant pumpkin and all manner of demons dancing into the witching hour at the Davy Lamp pub, surrounded by devilishly detailed decoration.

Nikki said: “The most terrifying part of it all was being at the centre of attention, so I was glad everything else was so eye-catching. Thank you to everyone who helped make it so special.”