Incy wincy spiders make a giant web

Heage Windmill - spider's web event
Heage Windmill - spider's web event

Volunteers at Heage windmill have created a giant spider’s web to mark the ‘putting to sleep’ of the venue for winter.

Creating the giant web, made out of underwear 
elastic, is becoming a tradition at the windmill, with volunteers ‘spinning’ the web and laying it out on the 
embankment below the mill. Around 50 people helped with the spinning, working under the instructions of ‘Queen Spider’ Holly Wheat.

Mill trustee Alan Gifford said: “The support for the event was such that indeed the cobweb grew rapidly and eventually emerged as a complex double centred web.”

Lynn Allen organised the event, supported by numerous volunteers from the Friends of Heage Windmill.

The mill is now closed, other than on December 2nd when Santa will be calling from about 1-00pm, and will reopen on Good Friday March 27th next year. Flour will normally be available at Belper and Bakewell Farmers’ Markets.