DEParture Lounge at Derby Theatre
DEParture Lounge at Derby Theatre

Derby Theatre is inviting you take off for a new adventure

this summer.

Buckle up and prepare for DEparture Lounge which, for one week in July, will showcase some of the most exciting fringe theatre companies from across the UK before they depart for the heady lights of Edinburgh and beyond.

The main stage will be transformed into a summer festival where you can relax on the ‘grass’ and watch some extraordinary theatre – so, don’t forget your picnic blanket!

From one-on-one experiences with video goggles, to raucous folk nights with live music and ale, there’s something to whet everyone’s appetite between July 11-19.

For something new and fresh in DE1 – the DEparture Lounge festival is the thing for you.

Sarah Brigham, Derby Theatre’s artistic director, said: “DEparture Lounge is an exciting proposition for both us and our audiences at Derby Theatre.

“It’s going to allow our audiences to see us in a completely new light as we invite them to take their seat not in the auditorium but on the Derby Theatre main stage, which will be transformed into a summer outdoor festival atmosphere, complete with picnic blankets and deck chairs.

“We will be presenting some of the most exciting young companies from across the UK before they hit the international Edinburgh Festival.

“Other audiences will have to travel up to Edinburgh and wait until August to see this exciting work… we’ll have it all on our doorstep in July.

“Audiences can expect to see new ways of making theatre, new ideas and cross-cutting of art forms.”

Sarah Brigham concluded: “I can’t wait to welcome our audiences in.”

For more details of the shows and performances that are lined up for the DEparture Lounge week, go to www.derbytheatre.co.uk and for ticket details call 01332 593939.