Chance to step back in time at Cromford Mills

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What was it like to work in a cotton mill in the 18th century? Come along to the Volunteer Open Afternoon at Cromford Mills on Wednesday, February 18, and discover how you can become a tour guide.

The Arkwright Society’s 18th century mill manager character has been busy engaging with visitors and school groups at Cromford Mills for the past year.

He has proved so popular that the Arkwright Society is now recruiting new volunteer mill workers and other characters for him to boss around. The search is on for new volunteers to deliver costumed tours as a range of 18th century characters, including workers, a cook, and even another mill manager or two to share the workload.

The new costumed tour guides will be part of a team of volunteers happy to dress in period costume and engage with visitors to help them to understand and learn more about the lives of people involved in the history of Cromford Mills. Volunteers will play carefully researched and prepared characters as well as helping to develop more roles in the future.

There will be a Volunteer Open Afternoon from 2pm-4pm for anyone interested in finding out more. To book, call 01629 823256.

Hannah Steggles, volunteer manager, said: “The use of costumed tour guides is a great way to help our visitors to understand and empathise with the lives of the people who were involved with Cromford Mills and to bring the story of the mills to life.

“Imagine the mill yard filled with workers once again and the mill manager trying to bring order to the scene. It creates a great atmosphere and is an essential part of developing our visitor experience. These characters will form an exciting part of our new tour programme. If you have an interest in history and enjoy drama then this is the role for you.’