It’s a show to remember

2401 Objects
2401 Objects

2401 Objects won the Fringe First award in Edinburgh and is now gearing up to open the season at Derby Theatre from Friday, April 13 until Saturday, April 14.

In 1953, Henry Molaison underwent experimental brain surgery that left him with severe retrograde and anterograde memory impairment – he lost the last two years of his life, and the ability to form new long-term memories, living the rest of his life eternally in the present.

In 2009, scientists dissected Patient HM’s brain in a procedure that was streamed live on the internet to a global audience of 400,000 people and fundamentally changed our understanding of memory. Henry’s brain now exists in 2401 carefully preserved slices; manuscripts of tissue like the pages of a book, that tell the story of a man who could no longer remember but has proved impossible to forget.

Tickets are from £8-£13. Call the box office for more details on 01332 593939.