More guesswork from Graham in acclaimed comic’s latest show

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Ivo Graham is one of the brightest young things on the stand-up circuit at the moment and will be performing his latest show at Nottingham Glee Club on May 3.

Following a highly acclaimed, total sell-out run at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, he brings his show Educated Guess on a tour of the UK.

So here we are, then: a show about privilege-checking by a chap with more privilege to check than most: a show about self-improvement by a chap whose intellectual peak was Latin GCSE: a show about current affairs by a chap who this year “got up to date with politics” by learning all 650 UK MPs for a bet, only for a snap election to render that exercise even more futile than it already was. And, lest we forget, a comedy show, by a chap who’s taken three critically-lauded stand-up hours to the Fringe and whose most pressing concern of all is making this one the funniest yet.

Ivo has appeared on BBC’s Mock The Week, Live At The Apollo, Live From The BBC, Fighting Talk, and The Now Show, and Dave’s As Yet Untitled.

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