Plenty to unwrap during autumn

As part of its rapidly approaching autumn season, Derby Theatre is offering Theatre Unwrapped.

This scheme offers a wealth of unique opportunities, for novices and professionals, to unwrap the whole theatre experience.

Available on the forthcoming production of Brassed Off, you can; Unwrap Rehearsals, by trying for yourself what it would be like to be in an acting company as the show’s director, Sarah Brigham takes you through her exact process from day one of rehearsals; Unwrap Acting, where you can spend a week with Sarah to explore the text with her before she goes in to rehearsals; Unwrap Technical, an introduction and insight into the ideas and processes relating to production and design and; Unwrap the Final Stages, an opportunity to join the technical rehearsal for a unique insight into the final stages of a production.

Sarah Brigham said: “I am immensely proud that we continue to offer an exciting range of participation opportunities for our audiences and community to get involved in, which complements our season of productions and events, and autumn 2015 sees us ‘unwrapping’ the theatre experience further with exciting opportunities for you to get into the heart of the process.

“We hope you want to celebrate and spend time with us this 40th anniversary season.”

For full details of the autumn season of productions, events and participation opportunities, visit the website at