See Bard in the Barn at Broomfield

Enjoy a spot of Bard In The Barn with Derby Shakespeare Theatre Company in their latest production.

Henry IV Part Two can be seen in a large barn at Broomfield Hall, Morley, from July 22-25.

The play was originally due to be staged in March but had to be postponed due to a serious injury suffered by cast member Steve Dunning a few days before it was due to start.

But Steve was determined to play Falstaff and, after surgery and physiotherapy, is in the cast for this rescheduled production.

Some recasting has had to take place due to planned holidays or business commitments.

A production team, led by Clare Snape, have been hard at work and now you can see the fruits of their labour.

Although the play is loosely based on fact, it is by no means a dull chronicle.

The action presents a slice of English life at the beginning of the 1400s.

The King has problems: he cannot raise money to put down rebellions in Wales and unrest in the north.

The heir to the throne, Hal, appears to prefer carousing in his local tavern with his favourite drinking companion, the dissolute old reprobate Falstaff.

There is plenty in this play for everyone - a piece of history when England was torn by revolution, bawdy humour, poetry, courage, treachery, drama, music, the lot.

Performances start at 7.30pm in the barn at Broomfield Hall and tickets are available by calling the box office on 07951 940031.