Toilet humour in brand new play

The toilet-themed play Royal Flush can be seen at Derby’s Guildhall Theatre on Tuesday, October 1.

The play is written and directed by Nick Lane and gets under way at 7.30pm.

In 1882, after years of inspiration, innovation, and occasional idiocy, Yorkshireman Thomas Crapper is given the commission to provide toilets for Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

On the eve of the first ‘royal flush,’ Thomas writes a very personal letter - to a girl he hasn’t seen in over 40 years...

In the present day, at an old people’s home in Crapper’s home town of Thorne, Joe - a ‘maintenance engineer’ (toilet cleaner) - has the job of a lifetime on his hands: he’s got to get all the toilets - even the awkward one in room 8 - sparkling clean in preparation for a diamond jubilee royal visit.

Has he got enough Cif to cope? Can he persuade Fat Irene to keep off the nuts? And will his secret plan to solve all his problems work?

A revealing, touching and hilarious account, Rich Seam Theatre present the world premiere of this hilarious double-bill, showing how our attitudes to toilets, and the royal flush, have changed over the years.

Call the box office on 01332 255800 for ticket details.