Which horror film freaks you out?

Horror film. Photo by Pixabay.
Horror film. Photo by Pixabay.

What better time for a scary movie than Halloween.

Draw the curtains, dim the light, grab a bowl of popcorn and be prepared to be frightened witless.

Frightening films are all the rage. Stephen King’s IT smashed records, being named the most successful horror film in the past 44 years.

But despite the popularity of the new film, horror lovers are still terrified by the classic movies.

New research from ScS, the sofa and carpet specialist, reveals the top ten scariest moments from film and television, with only two of the scariest moments taking place in the past ten years.

The top ten scariest film and TV moments rated by Brits are:

1. The Exorcist (1973) - When possessed child Regan’s head spins 360-degrees – 20%

2. Psycho (1962) - the dramatic murder of Marion Crane as she takes a shower – 16%

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) - The scene when Freddy murders Tina in her dream – 12%

4. The Silence of the Lambs (1991) - Hannibal Lector`s first encounter with Clarice Starling – 11%

5. Dr Who (2007) – ‘Blink’ an episode about killer statues that move when you’re not looking at them – 7%

6. IT (2017) - The scene in which Georgie Denbrough meets the terrifying Pennywise the first and last time – 6%

7. Dr Who (1963) - The Daleks first appearance – 6%

8. Twin Peaks (1990) – Maddy’s vision of the demon BOB stalking her – 5%

9. The X Files (1996) – ‘Home’ an episode in which a deformed baby’s body is found buried in a baseball field – 5%

10.The Sixth Sense (1999) - The line “I see dead people” – 5%

And it doesn’t stop there. Other terrifying moments that have the nation hiding behind their sofas are the 2008 horror movie, The Strangers, when the masked intruders scare homeowners by stalking them outside their home; the chest popping scene in Alien (1979); and Jaws (1975) when the shark attacks Richard Dreyfus and his team.

Cardiff is home to the UK’s biggest scaredy cats with one in three people admitting to being terrified by The Exorcist, while one in five of Manchester residents may be scared to have a shower after viewing the iconic Psycho shower scene.

Vicki Burns, communications executive at ScS, said: “Horror seems to be going through a renaissance period, with the new IT film, a new series of Stranger Things and American Horror Story hitting our screens, it seems we can’t get enough of being scared.

“Overall, our study shows that we all still love to be spooked by those classic horror moments and that all generations are enjoying an evening in on the sofa with a timeless classic. With autumn officially in full swing, and winter on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to curl up in front of the box for a fright night with a favourite horror. You can always hide behind the sofa if it gets too much!”