The campaigns people of Derbyshire believe in

From serious subjects regarding transport links or schools to the opening of fast food chains you Derbsyhire folk are a passionate bunch and we have done a round up of the online petitions you have created to try and bring about change.

Friday, 15th April 2016, 4:31 pm
Updated Friday, 15th April 2016, 5:32 pm
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Re-open the Railway line from Butterley

James Wyatt who created the petition said: “I think Derbyshire County Council should back this petition, because something needs to be done in order to reopen this railway line, and bring back trains to the area.

“Trains are needed in this area, in order to reconnect this part of the county that hasn’t had a train pass through it in over fifty years.”

This petition will run until August. To show your support click here.

Relocate, rebuild and reopen The American Adventure Theme Park

More than 5,500 people have signed this petition to rebuild and reopen the American Adventure theme park in a different location.

Creator Declan Salmon said: “Me and my friend have come up with a new design and plan to relocate the park with modern roller coasters and attractions.

“So sign this petition and let’s see if we can get The American Adventure Theme Park Back open for business with brand new attractions and coasters. The sooner you sign, the better chance we have of getting American Adventure back.”

He plans to send it Derbyshire County Council and Erewash Borough Council.

To give the theme park your support click here.

Stop Ilkeston Academies Sixth Form from closing

A pupil from Ilkeston Sixth Form has created a petition to try and keep it opening as it is due to close at the end of the academic year in the summer.

A spokesman for the group Save Our Sixth Form said: “Please Help our students and our community win back the only place that will give them a second chance, please help us save our home.”

Currently the petition has 514 signatures, if you care about this petition click here.

Introduce a parking permit scheme for Hathersage residents

This petition is to be but forward to the Derbyshire County Council, to show the need for more residential parking.

Grace Spolding started the campaign and said: “If we can raise enough concerns the council have no choice but to take action.

“Even if you own a house with a private drive or garage , you can still sign this petition and show support for your fellow Hathersage neighbours.”

To get more residents parking click here.

Revoke councils decision to close Firfield Primary School, for electoral voting

Adam Godsall feel passionately about the school being closed for voting because he feels there is double standards for not having children in education and wants to change this.

He said: “We as parents are penalised for taking children out of school during term, but it’s ok for Erewash Borough Council to ignore these rules, and close schools at will, placing undue pressure on the schools own discretion to stay open.

“And causing undue stress to parents who struggle to find alternative care for their children when unexpectedly forced to be off school.”

If this is something you agree with click here.

Let KFC come to Belper

This petition was set up by a group known as Belper people who want to bring the fast food chain to the Derbyshire town.

The group said: “It is important because lots of people want a KFC in Belper and a small amount of people are trying to stop it.”

To bring the Colonel to town click here.